✥ Heritage ✥


For a girl like me,
To be born in the depths
Of corn fields and maple leaves
From a cowboy poorer than the mice
Eating slowly at his sanity 
And his lover, savage as they come
Together, speaking a language of Freedom
Spreading their quiet wisdom
Passing it down to me, 
Entrusting me with a vision
A dream to live as free as they be
As they always had envisioned.

For a girl like me,
With an heritage like mine
To live so far, out in the great city,
Seas away from the familiar country
Now weigh heavily on my mind
The shackles of their liberty
The quiet hush of their love
Always reaching out to me
From the safety of their hidden cove
And when I look at cherry blossoms and rice paddies
Every part of my dazed body remembers and feels
The now distant yet still beloved memories,
Of corn fields and maple leaves.

– Lisa Poirier
✥ Maple & Sakura ✥

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