✥ Nostalgia ✥

-Poem- Sometimes you find them,Small pockets of forgotten stories,Ethereal bubbles of old memoriesReady to burst leaving nothing but dust To disappear with the coming of dusk. The tales of simpler days that are no longer. Staring at this scene you are left to wonder How come some things that are long gone Still has a heart beating and a songContinue reading “✥ Nostalgia ✥”

✥ Homesick ✥

Homesickness. That heavy feeling in the chest one might get when they miss home. What a familiar feeling it has become for me these past few years, like a good old friend, or should I say a bully, paying me a visit every once in a while, pushing me in a dark corner while loomingContinue reading “✥ Homesick ✥”

✥ Hanami & Mono no aware ✥

Spring is here, which means two things for me as a Canadian living in Japan: maple syrup and sakura. Did you know that Maple syrup season in Canada happens almost at the same time as the cherry blossoms in Japan each year? If it wasn’t for a worldwide pandemic completely shattering our traditions as wellContinue reading “✥ Hanami & Mono no aware ✥”

✥ Cats and Japan ✥

Japan and cats, two of the things I love the most in this world, sit somewhere in my top 10 of interests along with literature, history, and the 50s and 60s American and Japanese aesthetics( If anyone even cares about my borderline obsessive interests). I don’t know why I’m so particularly fond of cats, butContinue reading “✥ Cats and Japan ✥”

✥ Okinawa Memories ✥

Okinawa. Dear, dear Okinawa. With your palms trees and your deep blue sea, you are truly a sight to see. Ryohei just read my first few sentences and laughed at me for being so corny. For my defense, I can’t help it if I’m an overly emotional person, I got it from my papa. IContinue reading “✥ Okinawa Memories ✥”

✥ Beloved Kyoto ✥

“Where is your favorite place in all of Japan?” I just realized nobody asked me this question nearly enough, for I have never thought of a possible answer through and through. Kyoto, I might reply off the top of my head. Perhaps some island in Okinawa? But then again, no, not really. You see, theContinue reading “✥ Beloved Kyoto ✥”

✥ Heritage ✥

-Poem- For a girl like me,To be born in the depthsOf corn fields and maple leavesFrom a cowboy poorer than the miceEating slowly at his sanity And his lover, savage as they comeTogether, speaking a language of FreedomSpreading their quiet wisdomPassing it down to me, Entrusting me with a visionA dream to live as free as theyContinue reading “✥ Heritage ✥”

✥ Dreams really do come true ✥

How did a countryside girl with social anxiety could move all alone across the globe and live all by herself in one the biggest, busiest cities in the world? Sometimes it does feel like a mystery for me, too. With time however, with enough distance to look back at it somewhat objectively, it feels justContinue reading “✥ Dreams really do come true ✥”