✥ Homesick ✥

Homesickness. That heavy feeling in the chest one might get when they miss home. What a familiar feeling it has become for me these past few years, like a good old friend, or should I say a bully, paying me a visit every once in a while, pushing me in a dark corner while loomingContinue reading “✥ Homesick ✥”

✥ Heritage ✥

-Poem- For a girl like me,To be born in the depthsOf corn fields and maple leavesFrom a cowboy poorer than the miceEating slowly at his sanity And his lover, savage as they comeTogether, speaking a language of FreedomSpreading their quiet wisdomPassing it down to me, Entrusting me with a visionA dream to live as free as theyContinue reading “✥ Heritage ✥”