✥ Nostalgia ✥

-Poem- Sometimes you find them,Small pockets of forgotten stories,Ethereal bubbles of old memoriesReady to burst leaving nothing but dust To disappear with the coming of dusk. The tales of simpler days that are no longer. Staring at this scene you are left to wonder How come some things that are long gone Still has a heart beating and a songContinue reading “✥ Nostalgia ✥”

✥ Heritage ✥

-Poem- For a girl like me,To be born in the depthsOf corn fields and maple leavesFrom a cowboy poorer than the miceEating slowly at his sanity And his lover, savage as they comeTogether, speaking a language of FreedomSpreading their quiet wisdomPassing it down to me, Entrusting me with a visionA dream to live as free as theyContinue reading “✥ Heritage ✥”